I am pleased to present a special sales offer for Polish Red Jonaprince apples. Our apples are sourced directly from Polish cooperatives and farmers, ensuring the highest quality and freshness of the product. We guarantee perferct colouration, firmness and taste. 

We can organize shipments of up to 2000 tons of apples during the season. We can provide packaging according to your specific requirements.

Furthermore, if necessary, we are able to provide pesticide residue analysis to ensure the safety and quality of our apples.

Please feel free to call or email us to book volumes for the upcoming season. Don't miss out on this opportunity to get exceptional Polish Red Jonaprince apples!

Category Fruits
Product location Poland
Class Klasa I
Variety Jonaprince
Country of origin Polska
Certificates and analysis Badania na pozostałości
Colouration From 90%
Firmness From 5kG to 7.5kG
Caliber - diameter From 75mm
Payment method (Prefered) Przedpłata
Payment method (Others) Płatność przy odbiorze, Opóźniona płatność, Forma mieszana
Unit packaging luz
Collective packaging Skrzyniopaleta, Karton, Plastikowa skrzynka, Buszel
Storage method Chłodnia KA
Form of delivery (Prefered) Odbiór z zakładu (EXW)
Form of delivery (Others) Dostarczone cło opłacone (DDP), Dostarczone do przewoźnika (FCA), Przewóz opłacony do (CPT), Przewóz i ubezpieczenie opłacone do miejsca (CIP), Dostarczone do miejsca (DAP), Dostarczone do miejsca wyładowania (DPU)
Payment document Faktura VAT
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Polish Red Jonaprince apples export season 2023/2024

User apple.brokerPL
Company -
Producer -
Quantity 2000 Tons
Date of the offer 13-05-2024, 23:14
Price to be agreed