the last full truck Frozen Wild blueberries LT ? Orginal : Lithuania the ecologically cleanest region in Lithuania - ?Dzūkija National /PAN Park is one of 13 PAN parks in Europe. Product : IQF Wild Blueberry Available quantity : 20 000 kg paper bags 25 kg Ready for export Export ? [email protected] ??#Mėlynės ??#чорниця ??#blåbär ??#blåbær ??#mustikoita ??#jagody ??#mustikad ??#Blaubeeren ??#myrtilles ??#mirtilli ??#arándanos

Category Fruits
Product location Lithuania
Class Class I
Country of origin Lithuania
Colour bleu
Caliber - diameter From 0.5mm to 1.5mm
Payment method Payment on delivery
Form of delivery EX Works (EXW)
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Wild blueberries L

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Quantity 20000 Tons
Date of the offer 09-10-2023, 15:46
€3.80 / Ton

€76,000.00 / Total