Dutch Pears – Offer

Our Dutch pears are sourced from our own orchards, ensuring the highest quality and freshness. We offer them in bulk or pre-packaged in punnets. Our facility includes advanced sorting and packing lines, with BioFreshl technology to maintain optimal freshness and quality.

Category Fruits
Class Klasa I
Variety Conference
Country of origin Belgia, Holandia
Certificates and analysis Global Gap, BRC
Caliber - diameter From 65mm
Payment method (Prefered) Płatność przy odbiorze
Payment method (Others) Opóźniona płatność
Unit packaging luz, punetka
Collective packaging Skrzyniopaleta, Karton
Storage method Chłodnia
Form of delivery Odbiór z zakładu (EXW)
Payment document Faktura VAT
Producer name Wellner Fruit BV
Country Netherlands
State -
  • New
  • Season Offer

Conference Pear

Supplier Wellner Fruit BV
Quantity 500 Tons
Last update 13-06-2024, 13:48
Price to be agreed