We offer Georgian blueberries of the highest quality, from the renowned supplier Wonderland Farmers. Thanks to cooperation with the Georgian Blueberry Association, our blueberries are characterized by exceptional taste and the highest quality standards.

We provide the possibility of packing blueberries in any packaging, according to the customer's wishes, which allows us to fully adapt our offer to individual needs.

We offer flexible delivery conditions, with the possibility of transport to any place in the European Union.

If you are interested in our offer, please contact us to determine the details of cooperation.

Category Fruits
Class Klasa I
Variety Miss Alice, Mae, Blue Ribbon, Miss Jackie, Top Shelf, Suziblue, Duke, Hanas Choice, New Hannover, O Neal, Bluegold, Legacy, Star, Draper, Colibri, Sweetheart
Country of origin Gruzja
Certificates and analysis Global Gap, GRASP, IFS
Caliber - diameter From 12mm
Payment method Płatność przy odbiorze
Storage method Chłodnia
Form of delivery Odbiór z zakładu (EXW)
Payment document Faktura VAT
Producer name Wonderland Farmers
Country Germany
State -
  • New
  • Season Offer

Georgian blueberry

Supplier Wonderland Farmers
Quantity 1100 Tons
Last update 01-07-2024, 16:34
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