Gospodarstwo Rolne Krzysztof Chlipała is a dynamically developing company that specializes in the production of mushrooms, apples and pears. Our activities are based on the highest quality standards, which is confirmed by the Integrated Production certificate. Thanks to modern infrastructure, including cold storage and ULO cold storage, we are able to ensure the freshness of our products for a long time.

Category Fruits
Class Klasa I
Variety Prince, Champion, Gala, Idared
Country of origin Polska
Certificates and analysis Integrowana produkcja
Caliber - diameter From 60mm to 80mm
Payment method Płatność przy odbiorze
Storage method Chłodnia, Chłodnia ULO
Form of delivery Dostarczone do miejsca (DAP)
Payment document Faktura VAT
Producer name Gospodarstwo Rolne Krzysztof Chlipała
Country Poland
State Małopolskie
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Supplier Gospodarstwo Rolne Krzysztof Chlipała
Quantity 150 Tons
Last update 09-07-2024, 15:49
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