Hungarian plums are medium in size. They are ovoid in shape and have a distinct furrow marking their halves. In dry and poor soil we can expect small fruits. The skin is purple and covered with a whitish coating. Inside, the flesh is yellow-gold or yellow-green, and tastes juicy and sweet. The availability date is approximate and depends on the season. WE WILL PREPARE THE GOODS READY AND DELIVER TO THE APPROVED PLACE. WELCOME TO SEND INQUIRIES ABOUT POLISH PLUMS!
Category Fruits
Product location Poland
Class Klasa I
Variety Węgierka wczesna, węgierka zwykła
Country of origin Polska
Certificates and analysis Badania na pozostałości
Colour Fioletowy
Caliber - diameter From 26mm
Payment method (Prefered) წინასწარი გადახდა
Payment method (Others) Opóźniona płatność, Forma mieszana
Unit packaging luz, punetka
Collective packaging Karton, Plastikowa skrzynka
Storage method Chłodnia
Form of delivery (Prefered) თვითუზრუნველყოფილი ლოჯისტიკური ხარჯები
Form of delivery (Others) Odbiór z zakładu (EXW), Dostarczone cło opłacone (DDP), Dostarczone do przewoźnika (FCA), Przewóz opłacony do (CPT), Przewóz i ubezpieczenie opłacone do miejsca (CIP), Dostarczone do miejsca (DAP)
Delivery time 2 Days
Payment document Faktura VAT
Producer name Świętokrzyska Grupa Producentów Śliwek
Country Poland
State Świętokrzyskie
  • New
  • Season Offer

Polish early and regular "węgierka" plum [SEASON 2024].

Supplier Świętokrzyska Grupa Producentów Śliwek
Quantity 160000 Kilograms
Last update 28-06-2024, 12:56
Price to be agreed

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