Fruits of Serbia - we are the official sales representative of Serbian fruit producers in Poland. We specialize in representing high-quality, trusted partners from Serbia who have many years of experience in preparing products for retail chains. We provide a mix of benefits of working with the manufacturer (fresh product of known origin) and with an intermediary (easy contact, no communication barriers, high responsiveness). The goods are prepared directly at the supplier's and delivered directly to the recipient's warehouse. We do not store goods in stock in Poland. Thanks to professional suppliers and high product quality, we guarantee low returns and high service levels. By omitting traditional intermediaries, we can offer products at very favorable prices. We offer Serbian plum of proven quality, excellent firmness and juiciness. We pack in a carton or wooden box. Please contact us!
Category Fruits
Product location Serbia
Class Klasa I
Variety Lepotica, Stanley
Country of origin Polska
Certificates and analysis Global Gap, Badania na pozostałości
Colour Fioletowy
Brix From 9° to 9°
Caliber - diameter From 32mm to 45mm
Payment method (Prefered) Prepayment
Payment method (Others) Przedpłata, Opóźniona płatność, Forma mieszana
Unit packaging luz
Collective packaging Karton, Drewniana skrzynka, Plastikowa skrzynka
Storage method Chłodnia
Form of delivery (Prefered) EX Works (EXW)
Form of delivery (Others) Odbiór z zakładu (EXW), Dostarczone do przewoźnika (FCA), Przewóz opłacony do (CPT), Przewóz i ubezpieczenie opłacone do miejsca (CIP), Dostarczone do miejsca (DAP), Dostarczone do miejsca wyładowania (DPU)
Delivery time 3 Days
Payment document Faktura VAT
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Serbian plum Lepotica Stanley Season 2024

Supplier -
Quantity 200000 Kilograms
Last update 28-06-2024, 14:19
Price to be agreed