We have a modern cold store and a mechanical sorting line, which allows us to maintain the freshness and excellent quality of our vegetables. Our carrots are available from July to May, which gives our customers access to fresh products for most of the year.

Category Vegetables
Class Klasa I
Country of origin Polska
Certificates and analysis Global Gap, GRASP
Caliber - diameter From 20mm to 40mm
Caliber - piece length From 18cm to 20cm
Payment method Forma mieszana
Form of delivery Dostarczone do miejsca (DAP)
Payment document Faktura VAT, Faktura RR
Producer name Warzywni Społka Z.oo
Country Poland
State Małopolskie
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Supplier Warzywni Społka Z.oo
Quantity 2600 Tons
Last update 09-07-2024, 15:45
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