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We specialize in growing the highest quality vegetables, taking care of every detail to provide you with fresh and healthy products. Our offer includes crispy and vitamin-packed lettuces and potatoes available from October to February in the Soraya, Lord and Red Baltic varieties.

We have modern infrastructure, including a cold store ensuring appropriate storage conditions, an automatic packaging line and a mechanical sorting line. Please contact us and purchase our vegetables, guaranteeing the highest quality and full satisfaction.

Category Vegetables
Class Klasa I
Variety Soraya, Lord, Red baltic
Country of origin Polska
Certificates and analysis Badania na pozostałości
Caliber - diameter From 45mm to 80mm
Payment method Płatność przy odbiorze
Form of delivery Odbiór z zakładu (EXW)
Payment document Faktura VAT
Producer name Gospodarstwo Rolno Warzywne Agnieszka Mariusz Bierzanowski
Country Poland
State Małopolskie
  • New
  • Season Offer


Supplier Gospodarstwo Rolno Warzywne Agnieszka Mariusz Bierzanowski
Quantity 100 Tons
Last update 14-07-2024, 22:28
Price to be agreed