Future of agricultural trade
DeFood is a global, open-access, digital agro market
for smarter wholesale trade. We believe in a world,
where food is transparently produced and sold and bought honestly.
Vibrant green field symbolizing the sustainable agriculture practices promoted by the Agriculture Exchange and Defood, showcasing the fertile lands dedicated to environmentally friendly farming and food production
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Market problem
The current off-line trade in produce is characterized by lack of transparency in the supply chain, which strengthens communication gaps and makes effective negotiation difficult. Moreover it causes unfair prices, making planning impossible and increasing supply-demand problems.
Time for change!
DeFood has started the revolution in global agro trade ecosystem by offering a fair and effective platform to
all the parties involved e.i. producers, cooperatives, middlemen and buyers. It digitalizes and properly
secures previously analog processes. We focus on
three pillars: global marketplace, digital contract and product passport.
How does it work?
A convenient form to sign a sales contract. The contract is standardized, which makes it safer for both parties.
DeFood is a place where producers, brokers and buyers can find the right business partners wherever they are in the world.
DeFood makes it possible to provide information about the production stage and standardized information about products. This increases the quality and transparency of trade.
Core team
adrian piwko defood
Adrian Piwko
lukasz tomczyk defood.jpg
Łukasz Tomczyk
Head of Product
maciej wojtowicz defood.jpg
Maciej Wójtowicz
Operations Manager
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