Check out our consulting offer if you are a farmer, cooperative or trade company and want to expand to Polish fresh fruit and vegetables market.

We are a team experienced in FMCG, especially in fruits and vegetables retail market, in category management, key account management, sales representative and quality controlling. Trading with retail chains is our daily business.

Thanks to our know-how you can get knowledge about the best polish buyers - retail chains.

My name is Maciej Wójtowicz
"I have been working as a fresh fruits and vegetables buyer for the biggest retailer in Poland for almost 5 years. During that time I have been working with growers, traders and cooperatives from all around the world. Having bought hundreds of trucks of fresh fruits and vegetables from dozens of suppliers, I decided to start sharing my exeriences and knowledge on this blog. I noticed that supplying fresh fruits and vegetables to Polish modern retail is like a black box. There are a lot of misconceptions and rumours and very little verified sources of information. I believe that working with modern retailers in Poland needs to be demitologized. That is why I set up this blog."
Maciej Wójtowicz - consultant, expert of fruits and vegetables market, ex-category manager in the biggest retailer in Poland.

How can we help you?

Selling chance analysis
Tell us what you are producing and we'll tell you what chances you have to start selling to a retail chain in Poland.
Preparation of commercial offer
Together we will work on your commercial offer to highlight your strengths increase the chance of attracting buyer's attention.
Preparation sales presentation
We will prepare a sales presentation for you, including your company vision, history, strengths, market positioning, commercial offer and information on infrastructure and your capacity.
Prospecting of buyers responsible for your assortment
Not sure where to start ? We can help you work out where and who to present your offer to.
Preparation for meetings with buyers
You have managed to schedule a meeting with a buyer and don't know what to expect? We'll tell you how to prepare.
Contract analysis
Have you received a proposition of contract? We'll help you get through the nitty-gritty of the legal clovers in the contract unscathed.
Preparation for quality control audit
Are you facing a quality controller audit? We have been through many of them, we will help you too.
Assisting with negotiations with retailers
Have you become a supplier to a retail chain? Now you will face negotiations of deliveries and processing orders - we'll support you in this!
We also offer a range of additional services including operational support:
Custom clearance agency
Sorting station/packing house
Handling quality returns
Independent food appraisal
Lab tests
Commercial representation in Poland

Feel free to contact us if you want to expand in Polish market.