Wellner Fruit bv

Wellner Fruit bv

Netherlands Netherlands

Farm data

Street Voetakkerweg 2b
Place Meteren, 4194 PP
Country Netherlands,
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NIP UE NL817301665-B01
Year of foundation 1998
Quantity Fruits 2500

About Us

Production - Trade - Services

The Betuwe is known as "the" fruit-growing center of the Netherlands. In the middle of this fruit growing center, a short distance from important highways, Wellner Fruit can be found. Wellner Fruit is a particularly versatile company with production, trade and service under one roof.

Wellner Fruit has greatly expanded its own production in recent decades. At the same time, investments have been made in guaranteeing quality and security of supply through the construction of hail nets. By now, 15 of the total 60 hectares of apples are protected by hail nets.

In-house production forms the basis for trading activities. Wellner Fruit supplies customers at home and abroad with fruit from its own production company, supplemented by fruit purchased from fellow growers.
A transport department with 2 own trucks completes the service to both suppliers and customers.


Trade offer


Product Quantity Avaliability
Pear 2500 Tons Week 1 - Week 52

Including own production beneath


Product Quantity Acreage
Pear 2500 Tons 70 ha

Cultivation techniques

  • Manual harvest
  • Cultivation under cover

Farm surface

70 ha


  • Global Gap
  • BRC

Specialized infrastructure

  • Cold store

Additional production equipment

  • Optical sorting line
  • Water unloading