Berry Trade

Berry Trade

Poland Poland

Farm data

Street Warszawice 95
Place Sobienie-Jeziory, 08-443
Country Poland, Mazowieckie
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NIP UE PL9512515172
Quantity Fruits 2000

About Us

Our company’s history started over 20 years ago when we were running a family plantation of blueberries in organic standard, and then also in conventional version. Soon it was clear to us that also other blueberry growers can benefit from our experience in trading of these berries. By that time we’ve already gained a lot of experience and strategic contacts with buyers from Western Europe, with emphasis on German speaking countries. So it was a logical step for us to start an export company for blueberries (conventional and organic), raspberries (conventional and organic), blackberries and cranberries

Thanks to the cooperation of two generations of founders we run now modern packing facilities for berries. Currently the main activity of Berrytrade encompasses placing of Polish but also foreign prepacked berries on European markets.

Trade offer


Product Quantity Avaliability
Blueberry 2000 Tons Week 1 - Week 52

Additional products

  • Raspberry
  • Cranberry
  • Blackberry


  • Global Gap
  • IFS
  • EuroLeaf

Specialized infrastructure

  • Cold store

Additional production equipment

  • Optical sorting line
  • Automatic packaging line
  • Top-Seal machine


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