Gospodarstwo rolne Mikołajczy Andrzej

Gospodarstwo rolne Mikołajczy Andrzej

Poland Poland

Farm data

Street Zalesie 24
Place Iłów, 96-521
Country Poland, Mazowieckie
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Quantity Fruits 1000

About Us

The Mikołajczy Andrzej farm, with an area of 60 hectares, specializes in growing apples, pears and plums. We have a KA and ULO cold store, and we offer road transport of up to 24 tons, which guarantees that our fruit reaches customers fresh and in perfect condition. We operate with the highest quality and satisfaction of our customers in mind.

Trade offer


Product Quantity Avaliability
Apple 1000 Tons September (Week 4) - August (Week 1)

Including own production beneath


Product Quantity Acreage
Apple 1000 Tons 16 ha

Cultivation techniques

  • Manual harvest

Farm surface

60 ha


  • Global Gap
  • Integrated Production
  • Pesticide Residues Analysis

Specialized infrastructure

  • Cold store CA
  • Cold store ULO

Additional production equipment

  • Optical sorting line
  • Water unloading


Prince apple

  • New
  • Season Offer
Price to be agreedQuantity: 1 000 Tons