Gospodarstwo Sadownicze Krzysztof Kurzeja

Gospodarstwo Sadownicze Krzysztof Kurzeja

Poland Poland

Farm data

Street Czerniec 26, Łącko 33-390
Place Łącko, 33-390
Country Poland, Małopolskie
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Quantity Fruits 300

About Us

The Krzysztof Kurzeja Fruit Farm is a family company with rich traditions that has been specializing in apple cultivation for years. On the 12 hectares of our picturesque plantation, we cultivate delicious apple varieties, such as Gala, Champion, Prince, Eliza and Najdared. Thanks to careful work and passion for fruit growing, our apples are available to you from September to July. Each of our apples is the fruit of love for the land and tradition, which translates into exceptional taste and quality. We cordially invite you to taste the fruits of our work.

Trade offer


Product Quantity Avaliability
Apple 300 Tons September (Week 1) - July (Week 4)

Including own production beneath


Product Quantity Acreage
Apple 300 Tons 12 ha

Cultivation techniques

  • Manual harvest

Farm surface

12 ha


  • Integrated Production

Specialized infrastructure

  • Cold store CA

Additional production equipment

  • Mechanical sorting line


  • New
  • Season Offer
Price to be agreedQuantity: 300 Tons