Gospodarstwo Rolno Warzywne Agnieszka Mariusz Bierzanowski

Gospodarstwo Rolno Warzywne Agnieszka Mariusz Bierzanowski

Poland Poland

Farm data

Street Kantorowicka 151
Place Kraków, 31-763
Country Poland, Małopolskie
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Quantity Vegetables 100

About Us

We specialize in growing the highest quality vegetables, taking care of every detail to provide you with fresh and healthy products. Our offer includes lettuces, potatoes available from October to February in the Soraya, Lord and Baltic Rose varieties, beetroot, ideal for salads and preserves, aromatic dill and fresh and delicate-tasting chives. We care about the quality of our products, which is why we have up-to-date tests for residues of plant protection products, which guarantees their safety. We offer personal pickup directly from the host or delivery of up to 4 tons. We have modern infrastructure, including a cold store ensuring appropriate storage conditions, an automatic packaging line and a mechanical sorting line. Please contact us and purchase our vegetables, guaranteeing the highest quality and full satisfaction.

Trade offer


Product Quantity Avaliability
Potatoes 100 Tons October (Week 1) - February (Week 4)

Including own production beneath


Product Quantity Acreage
Potatoes 100 Tons 6 ha

Cultivation techniques

  • Mechanical harvest
  • Irrigation

Farm surface

35 ha


  • Pesticide Residues Analysis

Specialized infrastructure

  • Cold store

Additional production equipment

  • Mechanical sorting line
  • Automatic packaging line


Tarpaulin 4 Tons


  • New
  • Season Offer
Price to be agreedQuantity: 100 Tons